Monday, 23 September 2013


I may not be living in Oxford, England, but that does not mean I did not have an amazing vacation for the two weeks I was there. We left the Maritimes on Wednesday afternoon, stopping over in Toronto before flying through the night towards London.

By the time we arrived it was 8:30am London time, which meant we felt as though it were only 4:30am! Needless to say, we needed coffee! We quickly located a cafe in the airport and enjoyed pastries and caffeine before heading out into the (rare) sunshine.

We then had to find the bus station and travel for over an hour in order to get to Oxford. We then had to get a cab and once we climbed into the car, we thought we were headed towards our vacation home. What we did not know is that there are many streets in Oxford with the same name, so you distinguish them by road, avenue, etc. So when we said Henley St, we failed to realize we meant Henley Rd. We were dropped off on a street of row homes, in front of a real fixer upper that we thought we had to spend the next week in. Thankfully, after a gas guy called another taxi we headed just outside the city and found Henley Rd, a beautiful and quaint place. Thankfully, our real vacation home was beautiful.

Unfortunately, we did not get any photos of our home, but this is the view from my window that shows Henley Rd and just how adorable it is. For the rest of the day we rested and tried to figure out the bus stops. Of course, we had not gotten any groceries, but the owner of the home had suggested we walk to this place called The Kings Arm. That night we had fish and chips, I tried (and loved) mushy peas, and we found our favorite Oxford restaurant. 

I already felt as though I wanted to go home, but looking back it was a great way to start our two week English adventure.

xo: kate

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