Monday, 14 October 2013


And just as this blog began with nothing but hope and happiness, it ends with the same.

Coming back from England has not been an easy step to take and I have had to reshape my life in many ways, but I am still confident that it is the right decision for me. The adventurous spirit and continuous smile have not left, but they are now present for a different idea, a new chapter in my book.

This blog holds so many stories of a beautiful part of my life, a time when I needed something to hold onto and a dream to chase. As I read back, I will always be thankful for the moments that tested me, the moments that made me feel as though I was accomplishing the impossible and for the moments that brought me closer to those I love. 

I may be home, but my adventure is definitely not over. In fact, a whole new dream is just beginning. Having a year all to myself has helped me to discover who I am on my own, what I want for my future and who I want to become. So, although I am not miles away from home or completely on my own I am growing and changing, evolving into what I have always wished. I have eighteen months until my hopeful graduation date and I am going to take these months and enjoy them. I am going to laugh, to shop, to try new things and spend as much time as I can loving life.

So yes, My English Style Life is no longer relevant to who I am, but that does not mean my blogging days are over. Just like my life, I am simply taking a new path. My hope is that this new blog will hold just as many wonderful moments and will take me to places I cannot even dream of. I am thankful for what this blog has been for me and I look forward to the excitement and adventure in the new one! 

Goodbye My English Style Life...Hello Kate Lately!

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  1. How exciting! we wish you all the best for your new journey Kate!