Thursday, 20 June 2013


Yesterday, Mom and I took Hunter to the park! He loves going to this park because it's the biggest and most exciting one in the city. There are a million things for him to climb on and slide down, which was also fun for me! We took advantage of the warm weather and spent the afternoon running, sliding and well as eating a snack! 
Then, mom thought it would be funny to take him across the field to the wading pool to show him where he would swim later this summer. The pools are not filled yet, so needless to say, Hunter Bear was quite confused. We climbed into the pool and he began to run around, searching for water.

(Where's all the water, Auntie?!)

We tried to explain, but a two year old's mind just does not understand. Oh well, we still had fun running around in the massive pool and even taking pictures of our shadows!

I cannot believe how fast this little boy is growing up!! I am looking forward to many more days at the park and fun times in the pool. Hopefully with water next time!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I know I am a little late on this post, seeing as Father's Day (or Daddy's Day as I call it) was on Sunday, but I have been so busy that I just told myself "better late than never!", so here we go...
My father has spent almost twenty one years raising me, but he has been a father for over thirty years! I am sure when he pictured being a father and raising children he never pictured having three girls who love to dance, shop and talk! Thankfully, we all have a bit of a tomboy side and he never minds following us around all the stores! My dad and I have done many things together from him teaching me to play softball (at which I was pretty good!), to watching hockey games, to camping, to reading every single sign in every museum we have ever visited.
Although we have shared many moments together, this past year has been my favorite by far. Last year at this time my father was dead set against me going to school outside of the Maritimes and while it took many conversations, lots of prayer and even a few tears, we have grown closer and he now understands my dream. Better than that? He supports it.
While we don't always get along and many times we may believe that the other one belongs on another planet, I love him because he is my dad. I love him because whether or not he understands me, whether or not he thinks my dreams are crazy, he stands by me. I love him because he has taught me, showed me right from wrong, helped me to grow in many ways and put his hopes and dreams into my life. That is a true father.
So, this daddy's day, I wanted to make him something special. He loves to barbecue and who are we kidding, I love his barbecued food! After spending some time searching Pinterest, I found a homemade barbecue sauce and whipped it up for him. He was really excited and we are both looking forward to trying it out! I also wanted to put up a few of my favorite photos. The first was in Toronto, Ontario. I was four and always felt so special when on Daddy's shoulders. The second was taken last December at the Christmas tree farm. It is the first year, for as long as I can remember, that my dad and I did not argue over a tree...we actually agreed! I love this picture and it will always be one of my favorite memories.
I have a wonderful dad. I am so thankful that God gave me the chance to be his daughter and while our relationship grows better every day, I am looking forward to strengthening it even more while I'm away.
Happy Father's Day Daddy! I will always love you.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This past weekend my family (minus my dad who was on a golf trip!) and I went on another road trip! This time, we went to my parent's hometown to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday! Her official birthday was Saturday, which made it a perfect day for the party! Kristin and I arrived at 10:00am to help my cousin and aunt with the decorating. We were done by 2:00pm and had just enough time to get all dressed up and head to the restaurant.
Attending the party were my grandmother, her four children, their spouses, 9 of the 11 grandchildren and 3 of the 7 great-grandchildren! Not to mention my grandmother's sister, brother and their significant others! After a extremely delicious dinner (thai chicken wrap anyone?), we ignored the down pour of rain and drove back to my uncle's house for cake and gifts. It was there that we were able to enjoy the closeness of our family and laughter that often seems to find us. We had a beautiful cake, many lovely gifts (including a scrapbook from the grandchildren) and my cousin, Trent, even took the time to make us pink cotton candy! Needless to say, my grandmother was thrilled to have such an extravagant party thrown for her.
It was the next day as I sat with my mother, aunt and grandmother (eating cookies that I stole from her freezer) that I realized how much you can accomplish in 80 years. Not only is my grandmother one of the most beautiful women I have ever known, but she has such a loving, kind and gentle heart. Without her in my life I know I would not be who I am today.
Without a doubt, my grandmother deserves to be celebrated. It was a blast to watch her wear a crown and be called "Queen Ann", but it is the family she and my grandfather have created and the love they have shared in the past 80 years that matters the most.
The weekend was filled with family, food and so much fun, but as we all said farewell the tears began to flow. Not only is it one of the last parties I will attend for a while, but it was also the last time I would see my oldest sister, Sarah, until Christmas. At the end of the month, she is moving to Calgary and that day marked the beginning of all the goodbyes. It was so hard to know that she would be so far away, but as us sisters do, we laughed it off. We know that we will miss her terribly, but that Christmas will come so soon and we will be together again!
It was a busy weekend, but one we won't soon forget! On Monday it was back to life and while it seems normal, things are slowly beginning to change.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


I cannot believe that this beautiful little boy is 2! When I woke up this morning, I was taken back to that sunny June 2011 morning when we drove to the hospital and waited while this miracle of a human being was born. The anticipation, the excitement and the pure love that we felt was still so present today when I watched him climb down the stairs and run into my room with a big birthday smile on his face. It is on days like this that I realize how beautiful and how blessed my life is with Hunter in it.
Since that day, Hunter has been a constant in my life, waking me up every morning, playing with me all day and giving me a fishy kiss every night. We have had the chance to bond and become the best of friends. My heart melts when he grabs my hand because I make him feel safe. All I have ever wanted is for him to know how deeply I love him and how many hopes I have for his future.
So, today I not only celebrated the fact that this adorable boy is 2 years old, but that he has filled these past years with laughter, learning and so much love. Every day has been an adventure and never has he failed to make me smile. His unexpected arrival was nothing but a blessing for our family and I know without a doubt that he was always meant to be a part of us.
I also celebrated the fact that he has so much life ahead of him. He is so smart, so funny and SO full of love for everyone around him. He will go so incredibly far in life and I have the privilege to sit back and watch, knowing that I had a part in the man he will become.
Today (and every other day) I was the proudest Auntie of this little boy. He had a wonderful birthday, a fabulous fishy themed party with his wonderful family and now he is finally 2. This year will hold so many changes, but one thing that will not change is how immense my love is for him.
Happy Birthday Hunter Bear, Auntie will ALWAYS love you.