Thursday, 20 June 2013


Yesterday, Mom and I took Hunter to the park! He loves going to this park because it's the biggest and most exciting one in the city. There are a million things for him to climb on and slide down, which was also fun for me! We took advantage of the warm weather and spent the afternoon running, sliding and well as eating a snack! 
Then, mom thought it would be funny to take him across the field to the wading pool to show him where he would swim later this summer. The pools are not filled yet, so needless to say, Hunter Bear was quite confused. We climbed into the pool and he began to run around, searching for water.

(Where's all the water, Auntie?!)

We tried to explain, but a two year old's mind just does not understand. Oh well, we still had fun running around in the massive pool and even taking pictures of our shadows!

I cannot believe how fast this little boy is growing up!! I am looking forward to many more days at the park and fun times in the pool. Hopefully with water next time!!