Monday, 5 August 2013


Most people have one place that will always remind them of their childhood, of the summers they spent growing and learning. For me, this place is Fundy.

Growing up, my family and I would travel to the small town of Alma, New Brunswick and camp out at Fundy. Our days were spent hiking trails, swimming in Bennett Lake, walking on the ocean floor at low tide and eating as much seafood and as many sticky buns as we could possibly handle.

So naturally, Fundy ended up on my Summer Bucket List.

We started out on Sunday morning and, after a small detour through a very beautiful, mountainous area (in other words, my dad got lost), we arrived just after lunch. Our first stop? Hiking trails! After finishing the first trail, we still had lots of time and decided to head towards our favorite trail, Dickson Falls. I have so many memories in that trail and the calm and quiet of the water and woods was just what I needed.

Once our hikes were finished and we were satisfied with where we had been, we headed down into Alma for the rest of the day. We drove straight to the bakery and picked up squares, brownies, brown bread and...sticky buns! This place is famous for them and, thankfully, we got there before closing!

With our pastries packed safely in the car, we parked at the beach and headed towards the ocean floor. Low tide was in late afternoon, so we took off our shoes and began to walk.

My dad is not a huge fan of walking in the sand, so while he headed back towards the boardwalk, Mom and I were determined to chase the ocean.

Although the wind was slightly INSANE we braved it and after walking over rocks, barnacles, through mud and water, we made it to the ocean! Mind you, the conversation I had with my mother in this beautiful surrounding was worth the gross feeling underneath my feet. Plus, we decided that this would be what us Maritimers call a pedicure!

Our feet in the ocean! We did it!

By the time we made it to the freezing cold Bay of Fundy, I was starving. So, we turned around and that is when we realized just how far we had walked. The view was incredible!

No matter where we looked, there was sand, sky and little bits of water. It reminded me just how vast our country is...and this is only a very small part of it! After taking in the absolute beauty of this corner of the country, we walked back and towards dinner!

It is tradition that when in Fundy, we eat on the deck at a small seafood restaurant overlooking the beach. They have a beautiful view and the most delicious seafood.

With scallops, clams and fish within our reach, we dug in. It had been a long day and we were all famished! Of course, I enjoyed every bite, knowing that it would be quite a while before Maritime seafood would be on my plate again! The smell of the salty ocean, combined with the taste of clams made for a perfect ending to a perfect day.

It was wonderful to just relax and explore for the day, especially in Fundy. It is the only place that makes you feel like a small child, even when you're twenty years old! I am so glad it was on my list!

xo: Kate

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