Tuesday, 13 August 2013


My family has always told me that we will never truly say goodbye. So on Saturday August 10 2013 as I hung up the final decorations, I was reminded that this party was not to say goodbye, but to celebrate my accomplishment and my upcoming adventure.

I had spent months planning this party. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and control freak, so although this party was in honor of me, I still had to plan every last detail. It was a beautiful day.

I knew that I wanted to use the colors of the Union Jack, but after doing some research I found another blogger who had done a blue and red party. Her post inspired me and I knew that I had found the perfect theme for my day. This amazing (and quite addictive) blog is Mirabelle Creations. (www.mirabellecreations.blogspot.ca)


From her blog I got the color scheme, the idea for duck tape flowers and even cute little cupcake toppers. Her cupcake toppers were not quite what I wanted, so I decided to take her idea and run with it. Seeing as I am moving to a continent where many languages are spoken, I took nine different languages and put them on the cupcake toppers. Everyone had a blast trying to pronounce all the words!

She also made the beautiful note cards that were passed around and written on. It shows Canada and England with hearts in the place I come from and the place I am going. It added a special touch and I look forward to receiving one each week while I am away!

It was the best party I could have asked for. There were a few people missing that would have made the day perfect, but even though my sister and best friend are living across the country right now I know they were thinking of me that day. There were also two wonderful women who put a lot of work into this day: my mother made all of the cupcakes and scones, which took her many hours and tasted amazing, and my neighbor (and second mother) Nancy, who made my favorite cookies and decorated them in my colors. I felt so loved to have these two women put that much effort in to make my day special.

I just want to thank anyone who came to help me celebrate that day. It was amazing to see how many people I have in my life who have supported me, prayed for me and loved me throughout my life. I look forward to sharing this next chapter and all the rest with you.

xo: kate

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  1. Your decorations were so cute! I loved the cupcake toppers. The colors are so pretty. Have fun in England! I can't wait to read about it!