Wednesday, 24 July 2013


...well I'm certainly making a quick dent in my Summer Bucket List. 
Adventure #2: Afternoon at the Cottage

 Close family friends of ours have a quaint cottage on a small lake about an hour outside of the city. We spend many afternoons every summer at this place, but until last weekend I had not been yet this summer. As soon as we arrived, I felt happy, calm and completely relaxed. This place holds many wonderful memories for my family and I.

After his nap, my little sidekick and his parents joined us out at the lake. Just as I grew up here, Hunter has done the same. Every summer we have brought him here and he now walks around as if he owns the place. We hung out on the deck for a while, eating kale chips, drinking coolers and just chatting before Hunter convinced my dad to take him down to the water.

He has Grandpa wrapped around his little finger!

It was really nice to just spend an afternoon with my family. We are usually so busy, coming and going, that we don't get the chance to just relax with one another. Another plus? It was blistering hot and humid in the city, but beautifully sunny and breezy at the cottage. One of the many perks of escaping to the lake.

While relaxing, chatting and eating a delicious barbecue was definitely a great way to spend my day, it was the small walk I took with my big sister and Hunter that I loved most.

It gave my sister and I some time to just talk and reflect on how we were both feeling. Neither of us are looking forward to leaving home, but we know that it is time for us to create our own lives. I may fight with her often, but I will miss her constant presence in my life. This walk was just what I needed to reassure myself that I can still be her little sister, even from miles and miles away.

Plus, who can resist a little boy running down the lane towards you?

All in all, it was a great day.
I will remember it until next summer, when I return to the beloved cottage once again.


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