Saturday, 18 May 2013


I have always loved Harry Potter. From the moment my eight year old eyes watched the very first movie, I was enchanted. The characters, the imagination, the stories that came from J.K. Rowling's mind inspired me to one day write my very own novels.
Twelve years later, I still love the stories and the characters, but now I appreciate the imagination and work that went into every inch of the books and films. I have seen almost every Harry Potter movie, but up until this year I had only read one of the books. So, seeing as England is the home of Harry Potter, I decided to spend my summer reading all of the books and re-watching all of the movies. 
That brings us to today. While relaxing on a Saturday afternoon, my mother came into the living room with the newspaper article above. This gives all the details of the Harry Potter studio tour available in London. Naturally, I began to freak out and may have even teared up a bit, completely unable to even read the entire article. I did a bit more research and found that they will be doing the tours when we arrive in September! The tours are reasonably priced and completely magical! My mum knew I wanted to do this badly and said that while it would be fun, she is completely clueless when it comes to this enchanted world. So, now she is in on my challenge and while she does not have time to read all the books, we will be watching all of the movies together. That way, when we walk together down Diagon Alley, she will understand and be able to share in my excitement.
I could not be more excited. This trip gets better by the day and now a story that inspired me at the age of eight will become a bit more of a reality! We will not be booking our tickets for the tour yet, because we still need to finalize dates, but it's happening soon!!

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