As a little girl I never dreamed of becoming a princess or a doctor, my biggest dream was to live in the magical country of England. As I grew, the dream was pushed into the back of my mind, but it never totally left. I was preoccupied with life in my small hometown, until the spring of 2012. Within one month my life completely changed and every future plan I had was taken from me. I spent days trying to figure out what my next step was and from somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered England.

This country and this dream was the only thing I had to hold onto and so I decided to make it my reality. I spent eighteen months researching, applying, planning and praying. It was not an easy decision, but I truly feel that this is God's plan for my life. 

In August 2013, I will be packing up my entire life and moving from my hometown, on the east coast of Canada, over the ocean to Oxford, England. I am going to be a University student, a tourist and hopefully a very happy girl, following her biggest dream!

The road so far has been exciting, bumpy and not without struggle. It has taken me years to get to this point, but it is far from over. This is only the beginning of my journey and while I am scared, I know that this is also going to be the biggest adventure of my life. This blog will be my way of documenting every moment and sharing it all with you!

So stay, have a read, glance at some photos and learn a little bit about My English Style Life!

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